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Infrared Alarm Systems

With crime on the increase, most people have or are considering installing some form of an alarm system. The industry is constantly changing and involving with new and updated features. There are a multitude of products and services available that it may be difficult to make a decision on which one.

An infrared alarm system is the most reliable of all the types of alarm systems. It can actually detect body movements through infrared radiation. It is not seen but electronic devices can pick up on the radiation.

The systems are placed in a variety of different rooms through out the house. The systems emit beams which can travel over fifty feet in the air and can penetrate over thirty feet to each side of the room. These systems are not designed to cover every inch in your home. They are designed to provide an overview and to go off if there is a variance in temperature.

The infrared devices determine the temperature in the room and determine if there are any changes. If there is a dramatic change, the alarm will go off. This can be compared to walking in front of a piece of art, because your body temperature shifts and it will set off the alarm.

The alarm system is aware of temperature changes as long as they occur over time. If you increase or decrease the thermostat, this should not set off the alarm. They have a built in mechanism that allows for temperature changes as long as they are climate related.

The system is not designed to go through walls. It is designed to determine the temperature of the item is lands on. The systems are designed to be small and inconspicuous.

These are systems but they are expensive. In order to cover your entire house, you will need to have an infrared sensor in every room. The best place to place the sensors are on the ceiling to get the widest exposure.

The systems are very sophisticated and can even detect pets and will not be set off if your cat or dog moves about the house. The system can detect pets in motion.

You can change the zones to bypass or pass over some zones. If you are having a mechanic or repair firm come in, you may want to readjust the zones.

Many retail stores have automatic doors that use a form of this radar. When someone walks through the door, it reflects and deflects energy and then sets off the detector.

There are companies that specialize in these services. You may want to contact them and request additional information. Many of them offer a free consultation upon request.

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