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The ADT Alarm System

If you travel a lot or are planning an upcoming vacation, you will want to be sure, that your home and business are protected. Some criminals patrol neighborhoods and look for dark, desolate homes. Your home may be a target and you may not even know it until you return from vacation to discover that your house has been burglarized.

There are some simple precautionary measures that you can take. For example ask your neighbors to watch your house, ask them to pick up your daily newspaper and mail. You may want to set an alarm for your lights so, they turn on periodically.

Most likely if you have been looking into installing an alarm system in your home or office you have heard of ADT. They are one of the leaders in providing home security systems. They offer basic as well as highly sophisticated alarm systems.

ADT offers a security system as well as surveillance, circuit systems and fire detection systems. They offer a multitude of alarm systems and customize a system depending on your needs.

They are one of the largest and most recognized security alarm service companies. They offer commercial as well as residential alarm systems.

ADT alarms offer four types of safety. The first is the sign which alerts any burglars or criminals that you have an alarm system. This serves as a deterrent in and of itself as most criminals would be discouraged if they knew your house had an alarm. They also supply window decals which also alert criminals that you have a security system if they missed the sign.

They also have a siren that will activate if there is an unauthorized entry into your home. They also offer monitoring coverage around the clock. If the alarm goes off, they will contact authorities and let them know.

The ADT system is monitored by a staff of professionals. They are also trained to help with emergencies such as floods and fires.

They primarily offer residential monitoring services. They have a centralized base that monitors and collects the signals. If an alarm goes off, they will verify the data and then contact the homeowner and le them know. If it is an emergency, then they will contact the authorities.

If you have specific questions regarding their services, contact them directly. They offer a free consultation and an assessment of your home.

If you are interested in an alarm system, make sure you take the time to investigate your options. There is a great deal of useful information on the internet. You may want to collect information from different companies and ask for estimates and compare prices. Make sure you have enough information before making a decision.

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